Aadhaar card Lock: Lock Aadhaar by sending SMS, even hackers will not be able to misuse

Aadhaar card Lock: There is no need to tell you anything special about the use and importance of Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar is being used from purchasing a SIM card to opening an account with a bank. Aadhaar card is the most important identity card for any Indian. It contains many important and sensitive information including fingerprints. In such a situation, if the data gets leaked due to any reason, then people can be very hurt. Keeping this problem in mind, the Unique Identification Authority of India, ie UIDAI, will be able to keep the data secure through this feature of Aadhaar card. Also Aadhaar card fraud incidents will be banned. This feature will act like a lock, which no outsider will be able to unlock.

Aadhaar card Lock/Unlock
Aadhaar card Lock/Unlock

How to lock Aadhaar card

To lock the Aadhaar number, the card holder has to send an SMS by writing GETOTP to 1947. After this, the OTP will come on the phone of the holder.
After receiving the OTP, the card holder will have to write the LOCKUID Aadhaar number and send the message to 1947 again. Now the number will be locked after this.

Unlock Aadhaar card like this

  1. To unlock the Aadhaar number, the card holder has to obtain the OTP by writing the GETOTP Aadhaar number from his register number. Let me tell you that 1947 number will also be used for this.
  2. 2.After getting 6 digit OTP, UNLOCKUID will send the Aadhaar number and message after writing OTP. After doing so the Aadhaar number will be unlocked.

After Aadhaar is locked, even hackers will not be able to do Aadhaar verification without your permission. By taking advantage of this facility you can lock and secure your base.


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