Google Play Store, Data Privacy: Apps on Google Play Store will have to provide complete information about users’ data, your benefit in this

Google Play Store, Data Privacy: there is a big discussion about user data within the digital world at the moment. Developers want to collect as much data as possible through their apps, while users try to save their data. Meanwhile, the biggest technology company Google has brought a new feature, through which Android users are going to be ready to know which app has their data. Actually, Google has announced new rules for the app developers present on the Play Store.

Google Play Store, Data Privacy
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Let us know that in December 2020, Apple included new conditions within the privacy label for app listings in its Apple App Store. All the apps in these privacy labels need to clear what data they collect, what data they have access to, and what data they use next. Following the same path, Google is now including a new safety section within the Play Store, following an equivalent path, which can bring more transparency in the process of using the data of users through the app.

Google has said about this that the app developers on the Play Store will need to tell what kind of data they’re collecting and how they’re keeping it on their app. Also, they have to inform how the information is being used. the aim of this initiative of Google is to strengthen the user’s control over the data associated with them.

In the blog post, Google said that it’ll share the new policy within the third quarter of this year. there’ll be detailed guidelines regarding the policy of app privacy. Developers can start giving information in ‘Google Play Console’ from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Google vice president (Product) (Android Security and Privacy) Suzanne Frey said – We are working closely with developers to make Google Play a secure, trusted place for billions of people so they can enjoy the new Android app.

Today we’ve given information about the safety measures coming in Google Play. this may help people understand what sort of data the app collects or shares. Also, they’re going to get additional information that affects privacy and security.


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