Coronavirus latest news: Corona reached the world’s highest peak, the first case on Mount Everest

Coronavirus latest news: The outbreak of Coronavirus infection has also reached the peak of Everest, the highest place in the world. A Norwegian climber staying in the base camp of Mount Everest has been confirmed infected. He is flown to a hospital in Kathmandu by helicopter.

Coronavirus latest news: Corona reached the world's highest peak
Mount Everest

Coronavirus latest news: symbol of the crisis

Climber Erlend Nest reported on Friday that he was confirmed to have been infected with the Coronavirus on 15 April. After that, his report came negative in the investigation conducted on Thursday. He said that he is currently living in Nepal with a local family.

Experienced guide Austrian Lucas Fernbash warned of this, describing it as a symbol of the crisis. He said that if the precautionary measures are not taken immediately after examining everyone, then the infection can spread among thousands of climbers, guides, assistants present in the base camp.

Coronavirus latest news: Austrian Lucas Fernbash warned

He said that the best time for mountaineering due to the spread of infection can be done before the season is over just before May. He said, “We should do a large-scale investigation in the base camp in case of emergency, everyone should be investigated.”

Fernbash said that all mountaineering teams should be kept separate and there should be no contact between them to avoid infection and to prevent it from spreading. He said, “These steps need to be taken immediate effect, otherwise it will be too late.”


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