Coronavirus latest news: Nearly 1.5 lakh new cases of corona in 24 hours, 794 deaths, 5 lakh patients found in only 7 days

Coronavirus latest news: The second wave of Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the country. On Saturday, the coronavirus broke all records since the onset of the epidemic. Despite all restrictions, quite 1.45 lakh new corona patients are found in the country in the last 24 hours. At a similar time, 794 people have lost their lives from Covid. The Union Health Ministry gave this information on Saturday.

Coronavirus latest news
Coronavirus latest news

Coronavirus latest news: 1.31 lakh patients

This figure of latest coronavirus patients and deaths thanks to infection has caused panic among the people. the amount of patients found within every day is that the highest since the introduction of the virus last year. Earlier on Thursday, 1.31 lakh patients were found.

Coronavirus latest news: Corona figures caused panic

The latest data released on Saturday by the Ministry of Health has raised concerns from the govt to the common people. in the past 24 hours, 1,45,384 new cases of corona infection are recorded and 794 patients lost the battle of life to the corona, with the highest record so far. With this, the total infection cases within the country has increased to 1,32,05,926 and therefore the number of deaths from Covid has increased to 1,68,436.

Coronavirus latest news: Active cases exceeded 10.46 lakhs

According to the newest data from the Ministry of Health, the graph of active cases in the country has gone up very fast. within the last 24 hours, 77,567 corona patients have returned to their homes, with this, 1,19,90,859 patients in the country have managed to beat the coronavirus thus far. the number of patients recovering is about half as compared to the new corona cases recorded on a day to day. Currently, the number of active cases in the country has risen to 10,46,631.

Coronavirus latest news: India will soon be the second most infected country

India has moved to the number one position in the world in terms of getting new corona patients, leaving behind America and Brazil. in the list of nations most suffering from Corona, America is at the first number – 31,802,772, Brazil at second number – 13,375,414 and India at the third number – 13,205,926. On Saturday, 85,368 new cases are registered within the US, 89,090 in Brazil, and 1,45,384 in India. India is that the only country in the world, where more than one lakh cases are coming continuously for the last several days.

Coronavirus latest news: 9.80 crore people received Covid vaccine

The country continues to have the world’s largest vaccination campaign. The third phase of Covid vaccination is underway, under which Covid vaccine is also being applied to those above 45 years of aged. So far 9,80,75,160 people are vaccinated in the country.



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