Coronavirus latest news: Shortage of oxygen won’t break the breath, PM’s funds are going to be built with 551 plants

Coronavirus latest news: The country is battling a shortage of oxygen amid the second wave of Coronavirus. the govt has announced to line up over 551 oxygen production plants to save lots of the breath-breaking breath from oxygen.

Coronavirus latest news: Shortage of oxygen won't break the breath
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The country is battling a shortage of oxygen amid the second wave of Corona virus. the govt has made an enormous announcement to save lots of the breath of breath because of lack of oxygen. The central government said that quite 551 oxygen production plants are going to be set up in government hospitals from the PM Cares Fund within the country.

According to information provided by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), PM Modi has approved 551 medical oxygen-making plants within the country from the PM Cares Fund. The PMO said that as per the direction of PM Modi towards increasing the supply of oxygen in hospitals, the PM Cares Fund has approved the allocation of funds for the establishment of 551 medical oxygen production plants.

Coronavirus latest news:Prime Minister Narendra Modi

According to the PMO statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed that these oxygen production plants should be commissioned as soon as possible. Oxygen production plants to be fund out from the PM Cares Fund are going to be fund out within the identified government hospitals at the district headquarters of varied states and union territories.

The basic motive behind fixing oxygen production plants within the government hospitals of the district headquarters is to further strengthen the public health system. Also, make sure that each of those hospitals has captive oxygen generation facilities. The in-house captive oxygen facility caters to the day-to-day medical oxygen needs of those hospitals and therefore the district. Liquid healing oxygen (LMO) will serve as the “top-up” for captive oxygen generation. Such a system will make sure that the govt hospitals within the districts don’t need to face any sudden disruption in the supply of oxygen.


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