Coronavirus latest news: Will there be a complete ban within the country, know how long the lockdown has been extended in which state

Coronavirus latest news: Corona Virus, Lock Down, Covid Curfew, Corona in Maharashtra, Delhi, UP Bihar, Jharkhand: Corona is gaining pace within the country. the number of infected is increasing a day. within the last 24 hours, 4,14,188 new cases of corona are reported in India. At the same time, a complete of 3,915 people have died because of corona in the last 24 hours in the country. After which the figure of total deaths within the country has increased to 2,34,083. At a similar time, the total number of corona-positive cases within the country has increased to 2,14,91,598.

Coronavirus latest news

In view of the increasing corona, the governments of the states have launched their own campaign. In many states, a lockdown has been imposed to put a brake on the speed of the corona, while in many states the corona curfew is being resorted to. So, a weekend lockdown has also been imposed somewhere. Markets are opening in these places within a particular period of time. People are being allowed to go away under the protocol. Let’s have a look at which states the lockdown has been imposed on the corona.

Maharashtra: Maharashtra has seen the utmost impact of the second wave of coronavirus. in sight of the increasing corona here, the corona curfew has been imposed with prohibition till 15 May. People are prohibited from leaving the house unnecessarily.

Uttar Pradesh: Corona has wreaked havoc in UP also. insight of the increasing corona, the Yogi government of UP has extended the corona lockdown within the state till May 10.

Delhi: Lockdown has been in situ since 19 April in Delhi. Now the Kejriwal government of the state has increased it to 10 May. Let me tell you, the condition of the people from Corona in Delhi is unhappy.

Rajasthan: in view of the rising corona within the state, the Rajasthan government has imposed a corona lockdown within the state till May 17. At an equivalent time, the govt and administration are strictly enforcing the restrictions.

Jharkhand: to place a brake on the speed of Corona, the Hemant Soren government of the state has extended the lockdown within the state till May 13. Earlier, the lockdown was announced from 22 April to six May.

Bihar: insight of the increasing pace of corona, the corona lockdown has been imposed in Bihar till May 15. During this time government offices, shops, establishments are closed.

Odisha: Lockdown has been imposed here from May 5 to May 19.

Jammu and Kashmir: Corona curfew is in force till May 10 in Srinagar amid growing cases of coronavirus.

Madhya Pradesh: insight of increasing cases of coronavirus, the general public curfew will remain effective till May 15 in Madhya Pradesh.

Gujarat: Night curfew has been imposed in 29 cities in Gujarat insight of Corona. Here the Corona Protocol is being strictly followed.

Kerala: A lockdown has been announced from May 8 to May 16 in Kerala. CM Pinarai Vijayan of Kerala has announced the lockdown.

Karnataka: The lockdown continues since April 27 due to rising corona in Karnataka. The lockdown will remain till May 12.

Haryana: Lockdown has been announced from May 3 to May 10 in Haryana. Earlier, weekend curfew was imposed in nine districts here.


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