ICC Ranking: England in T20 and New Zealand number-1 in ODIs, know which team India ranked

ICC Ranking: India retained their second position within the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 team rankings after the annual update on Monday, but slipped one place to 3rd within the one-day rankings. England (277 points) topped the T20 team rankings while India is five rating points behind. During this period, England drew a three-match series 1–1 against Pakistan, beating Australia 2–1 and South Africa 3–0. The team suffered a 2-3 defeat against India at its home ground.

ICC Ranking: England in T20 and New Zealand number-1 in ODIs
ICC Rankings

New Zealand came in fifth to 3rd place

New Zealand have benefited within the annual update to the T20 and therefore the team has moved up from fifth to 3rd place. The team defeated the West Indies , Pakistan, Australia and Bangladesh during this era . Australia’s team has slipped from third to fifth place. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh gain one place to eighth and ninth place respectively. The West Indies team is ranked 10th after losing two places. consistent with the ICC, the 2017-18 results are removed during this update and therefore the importance of matches played in 2019-20 has been halved.

New Zealand gained two places

India have slipped one place to 3rd place after Australia and now New Zealand topped the annual update of the ODI team rankings. New Zealand have removed defending world champions England from the highest position. New Zealand have gained two places and have a total of 121 points. Australia has 118 points. Both India and England have 115 points, but India are in third place because of better position in decimal digits.

India lost one place

In the last 12 months, England suffered a 1-2 defeat within the one-day series against Australia and India, while Ireland also defeated them during a one-day match. within the new update, all matches played after May 2020 are kept at 100 percent while the marks for the last two years are reduced to 50 percent. Australia gained two places to move to second place while India lost one place.

West Indies reached the ninth position

West Indies has moved up to the ninth position, overtaking Sri Lanka. Netherlands are retained on the old rankings as they played just four ODIs during the new rating time. During this era, the team’s matches were postponed because of Covid-19. there’s no change within the ranking of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and South Africa in both formats.

Afghanistan is seventh in T20

Afghanistan is 10th in ODIs and seventh in T20s. Pakistan is sixth and fourth respectively, while South Africa is at the fifth and sixth position. Despite the epidemic, 80 countries managed to play six T20Is within the three years needed to remain within the rankings. Five countries Zambia, Ghana, Hungary, Sierra Leone and Sweden lost their rankings after the update. The annual update of the Test rankings are going to be followed by Pakistan and Zimbabwe after the present series is over.


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