IIT Guwahati Case : Gujarat student was molested in IIT Guwahat on the occasion of Holii, Case filed on victim’s complaint 

IIT Guwahati Case: Gujarat student was molested in IIT Guwahati on the occasion of Holi, Case filed on victim’s complaint

IIT Guwahati Case
IIT Guwahati Case

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-G) has suspended a student arrested for molesting a student. The student was arrested on Saturday. He has been sent to jail on the orders of the court. He had acted with a student on the occasion of Holi.

IIT Guwahati issued a statement on Monday, saying that it was found that the student had committed a serious crime, due to which he was arrested on April 3. The student is suspended from April 4 on the recommendation of the student discipline committee of the institute.

IIT Guwahati Case: Other students are also under investigation

According to the statement, police are investigating against four other students accused of being involved in the incident. All of these have been kept in isolation from each other in the institute’s premises and will be called back again for further police action with internal investigation.

IIT Guwahati Case: Suffering student hails from Gujarat

A student of IIT-G was arrested on Saturday on 29 March for molesting a student of the institute itself. According to the police officer, the complainant is from Gujarat. She claimed in her statement that during the Holi festival on March 29, the accused had mixed and manipulated her intoxicating substance in her beverage at the IIT-G hostel. The accused is a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The student said that she fainted after drinking the beverages. His condition is currently out of danger.


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