Madam Chief Minister Review: ‘Madam Chief Minister’ is adorned with the superb performance of Richa and co-stars

Madam Chief Minister Review

Film– Madam Chief Minister

Director – Subhash Kapoor

Producer – Bhushan Kumar

Artists – Richa Chadha, Manav Kaul, Akshay Oberoi, Subhash Shukla, Shubharajyoti, Nikhil Vijay and others

Rating- 2.5

Madam Chief Minister Review
Madam Chief Minister Review

Madam Chief Minister Review: there’s a fierce discussion on fiction lately . along side the web series Tandava and Patalalok, director Subhash Kapoor’s film Madam Chief Minister has also been at issue . The film’s actress Richa Chadha became angry over Ambedkar’s wearing a t-shirt. it had been being said that the story of the film is predicated on the Dalit leader Mayawati. To avoid of these controversies, it’s been confirmed through the disclaimer at the very beginning of the film that the characters, events and story of the film are all fictional. By the way, this fictional story touches the important issue of class struggle in politics, also as this film also exposes the dark truth that power finally makes you corrupt.

The story begins in the early 80s. within the very first scene of the film, it’s shown that when the Dalit groom’s procession goes out on the mare, the upper caste people pass so exasperated that the matter becomes completely bloodshed. Rup Ram, a Dalit man, is killed. He has a daughter in his house a while ago. Her grandmother is talking about poisoning the daughter . The story then moves forward to 2005. Tara (Richa Chadha) is a cool girl who lives on her own terms. that she will go against family and society. Tara is Roopram’s only daughter.

After being betrayed in love, she decides to try to to something in life. A Dalit leader (Saurabh Shukla) helps Tara and connects her with politics. The equations of circumstances are such Tara reaches the highest position of the Chief Minister within the government , but it’s not all that easy. There also are betrayals, intrigues, rivalries. along side this, the disgusting face of sexism in casteist society also appears in politics. As effective because the subject of the film, the story has not been ready to bring that effect to the screen. The film’s half is filled with twist and switch .

In the last half , the story gets shattered also as slow. Satire and sarcasm like Ray Obama, Jolly LLB, Jolly LLB 2 are missing from this film. Although small but important aspects associated with politics are linked to the story. How does politics change an honest person also . The rally scene where Tara’s character is wearing a diamond. the kind of dialogues with which the entire scene is narrated. He has definitely become good.

The dialogue is certainly effective. it’s difficult to avoid the disease of power while staying in power. The one who builds the metro in UP loses, the one who builds the temple wins. When she came to acting, actress Richa Chadha defined the journey of a dalit and exploited girl to become the Chief Minister of the state on her screen brilliantly. Manav Kaul, as usual, leaves a mark in his character once more . Saurabh Shukla also wins hearts. Saurabh Shukla and Richa Chadha’s on-screen chemistry has become good.

The rest of the characters including Akshay Oberoi, Shubharajyoti have also been perfect in their roles. Speaking of song music, the song Chiri Chiri is certainly in line with the story, but more work is required on the song music. The cinematography of the film makes the story believable. Overall, this political drama is made to be seen once due to the great performance of the film actors.


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