Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi will talk about mind today, maybe discussed on dealing with Corona

Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the countrymen through his monthly radio program ‘Mann ki Baat’ on Sunday, ie 11 am, amid the ongoing Corona crisis in the country. PM Modi can discuss the preparations to deal with the corona in ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi will talk about mind today
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi is going to address the Mann Ki Baat program at a time when there is a serious situation due to Corona crisis in the country. The number of deaths continues to increase with the addition of new patients per day of corona infection. Due to the increasing number of patients, there has been a lack of oxygen in many parts of the country including the national capital Delhi, due to which the lives of patients have been lost.

Listen to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ live here

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the 76th edition of the monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, which can also be seen and heard live on PM Modi’s Facebook page and Twitter page. The ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program will also be broadcast live on AIR, Doordarshan News, Prime Minister’s Office and YouTube channels of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It can also be heard at,,, Immediately after the broadcast in Hindi, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program will be telecast in All India Radio in regional languages. You can also make a missed call to the 1922 number to hear ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on your mobile phone.


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