Fan asked Sonu Sood- could you help me to get married, sir? Actor gave a brilliant answer

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has now become the messiah of the poor besides the artist. At the time of lockdown, when thousands of working people were trapped away from their home, at that time Sonu Sood took the people to their home by getting on the road.

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood Helping Nature

Even after this, Sonu Sood continues to help people. Recently, a fan has asked Sonu Sood for such help on Twitter which Sonu was stunned to hear. But Sonu has always helped those seeking help. A few days ago, a fan has asked for help to get Sonu Sood married, to which Sonu has given a funny answer.

Sonu Sood gave a brilliant answer

Meaning a fan asked Sonu Sood, ‘Will you get married, sir’. In response, Sonu wrote, ‘Why won’t I even recite the mantra for marriage. Just do the trouble of finding a girl ‘. Now, seeing this tweet of Sonu, the fans are not able to stop their laughter and are giving their comments on it.

its Not the first time one who joked with Sonu Sood for the first time. Even before this, many people have demanded Sonu Sood to find girlfriends, deliver them to girlfriend’s house and get married. However, Sonu too does not ignore these tweets and always gives funny answers.

Sonu Sood love by All

Sonu Sood has become the most loved star of Bollywood and common people at this time. Recently, Sonu Sood has got two hand pumps installed in the slum of Anand Nagar in Jhansi district of UP. In such a situation, people longing for water expressed their gratitude to the film actor. Let me tell you that during an event, Sonu Sood said that ‘I have played many special characters in films, but during the Corona epidemic, I played the most special character of my life. This character was being directed upwards. I thank God that he woke me up at the right time ‘.


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