Corona: DRDO’s new drug launched, know how effective it’s and the way it works?

DRDO’s new drug launched: There has been a slight decrease within the daily cases of corona infection in the country, but still the number of people who lost their lives due to infection is not decreasing. Meanwhile, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), which has developed an anti-corona drug, was launched on Tuesday. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan launched this drug during a program organized at the headquarters of DRDO. This drug is believed to be effective in saving the lives of corona-infected patients. Let’s know everything about this medicine …

Corona: DRDO's new drug launched
DRDO’s new drug (2-DG) – Photo: ANI

This drug has been approved

This drug of Corona made by DRDO on behalf of the Drug Controller of the country has recently been approved for emergency use. This drug is made with the assistance of a lab, named 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG).

What is the use of this medicine?

It has been claimed by DRDO that this drug (2-DG) reduces corona patients’ hospital stay and also keeps oxygen levels correct. according to the claim, the corona patients who were tried on it saw rapid recovery as well as reduced oxygen dependence of patients.

This drug trial started last year

Last year, DRDO took the initiative for the therapeutic use of this drug. In April 2020, the Institute of Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) and DRDO experimented with the center for Cellular and molecular biology (CCMB) and found that this drug prevents the progression of corona infection.

Based on the results of the first phase of the trial, the country’s Drug Controller gave approval for the 2-DG phase ii|phase II|clinical trial|clinical test”> phase II clinical trial in May 2020. In this, the drug was tried on 110 patients of Corona and it was found safe on them. Its third phase trial was then approved in November 2020, followed by a trial of 220 Corona patients between December 2020 and March 2021.

How does this medicine work?

According to DRDO, when this drug is given to a corona-infected patient, it accumulates inside the infected cells by the virus as soon as it enters the body and stops the virus from growing, preventing virus synthesis and energy production.

How can you take this medicine?

According to DRDO, this drug comes within the form of a powder, which can be dissolved in water and given to corona patients. This drug can prove to be very effective for corona patients experiencing severe conditions thanks to lack of oxygen.

It is easy to make this medicine

According to DRDO, this drug is a generic molecule and is a analog of glucose itself. In such a situation, it can be easily manufactured in large numbers. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories will manufacture this anti-corona drug in India.


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