Coronavirus latest news: This is the reason behind the second wave of Corona in India? Researcher reached Vidarbha, experts expressed concern

Coronavirus latest news: The orgy of the second wave of Coronavirus continues in the country. In the last 24 hours, with the coming of about 3 lakh 16 thousand cases, worries have increased. In the midst of all this, international scientists are trying to gather information about the Kovid variant B.1.617, which is believed to be the cause of increasing cases in the country.

Coronavirus latest news: This is the reason behind the second wave of Corona in India
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Coronavirus latest news: Researcher reached Vidarbha

It is being told that this variant was found in Amravati and due to this in February, the cases of infection in the surrounding districts kept increasing. However, this thing cannot be said concretely yet. More research is needed to confirm this. At present, scientists are engaged in gathering information about this variant and they are moving towards Vidarbha.

Coronavirus latest news: Indian variant

According to media reports, international researchers fear that this is a variant born in India. This is the reason that research and media houses are now focusing their attention on Vidarbha. During this, many people reached Nagpur collecting information about the new ‘Indian variant’.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde shared the information in this regard and said that it is different than the variants of Britain or Africa or Brazil. It has been discussed at the beginning of this wave. They say that many countries including Britain have done a travel ban on India. This has happened because this particular variant of virus B.1.617 is spreading rapidly. Apart from this, they attribute this variant to the spread of corona infection in Amravati. However, more research is needed in this matter.

The reports cite the Iglole Initiative on Sharing All Influenza data, and it is said that B.1.617 was first found in samples collected in December 2020. Here Dr Atul Gawande of Umarkhed in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha who is a member of US President Joe Biden’s Kovid-19 Control Advisory Team. They have also expressed considerable concern about this variant of the virus.

Coronavirus latest news: 20 percent more infectious than the previous one

Atul Gawande has found that this variant is working to make the whole family its victim. This is especially seen in Vidarbha. They say that this means that the virus is especially more contagious. However, there is a need to study whether it is fatal or not. At the same time, an early study by virology researcher Grace Roberts has revealed that this variant is 20 percent more infectious than the previous one.

However, officials of the Ministry of Health have said that the lead wires in the cases are not connected with B.1.617. At the same time, experts believe that this may be due to lack of data and many experts are insisting on virus sequencing.


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