IPL News 2021: Bad news for MS Dhoni as Chennai Super Kings skipper fined Rs 12 lakh after loss against Delhi Capitals

At the Wankhede Stadium of Mumbai, the second match of the 14th season of IPL was played on Saturday night. Guru jagged in the match and the disciple became sugar. Dhoni-led Chennai Superkings had to face defeat from Rishabh’s Delhi Capitals. After the defeat, 12 lakh fines were also taken after the slow over-rate.

IPL News 2021: Bad news for MS Dhoni
M S Dhoni

IPL News 2021: Economic punishment due to slow over-rate

At least Chennai’s fans will not expect such a start. The CSK bowler could not complete his owers within a fixed time professional, which had to raise three-time champion captain Dhoni with a penalty. However, seeing the beginning of the tournament, Dhoni has been left only by putting a penalty.

IPL News 2021: After the match, Dhoni’s penalty of Rs 12 lakh

A statement has also been released from IPL. Where it was clarified that under the new rules of the Code of Conduct and Over Rate, it was the first mistake of Chennai SuperKings. That’s why only the penalty was left only.

Chennai Super Kings could not bowl throughout 20 overs because, in 18.4 overs, Delhi won the match. Earth Shaw (72 runs in 38 balls) and Shikhar Dhawan (85 runs in 54 balls) made a spectacular partnership for the first wicket. Both added 138 runs and completed their half-century. Perhaps this was the reason that the huge target of 189 runs proved to be dwarf.

IPL News 2021: What’s the new rule?

  • On average 14.1 overs will be thrown in every hour
  • Time-out will not be included
  • A shift of the match should end in 90 minutes
  • 85 minutes for the game and five minutes time-out

With the purpose of completing the match in the fixed time, the 20th over of each innings will end in 90 minutes. The first rule was to start the 20th over at the 90th minute. In the delay or blocking matches, where 20 overs can not be done in the prescribed time, there can be 4 minutes 15 seconds for every over. This season has made major changes on soft signal and short-run rules.


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