IPL News: Sourav Ganguly breaks silence on postponement of the tournament

IPL News: Corona wreaked havoc on the IPL within the country and after some players got corona infected it had been decided to cancel the IPL. The IPL was launched in April 2021 and Coronavirus cases were rising rapidly within the country at the time, although the BCCI claimed to be completely safe from Corona citing bio bubble.

IPL News: Sourav Ganguly breaks silence on postponement of the tournament
Sourav Ganguly breaks silence on postponement of the tournament

Matters increased after playing matches in Delhi and Ahmedabad

The IPL team played their matches comfortably in Mumbai and Chennai but because the team reached Delhi and Ahmedabad to play matches, the danger of infection of Corona started increasing. Eventually, the Kovid-19 infection also outpaced the BCCI’s bio bubble system, and lots of people, including sportspersons and support staff, were hit by Corona.

Sourav Ganguly’s discuss the cancellation of IPL

After this, the BCCI decided to cancel the 14th season of the IPL. The BCCI was severely criticized over the choice to carry the IPL amid Corona’s escalating cases. During a recent interview, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly commented on this and said that you simply can say that the IPL should are canceled earlier.

The cases didn’t increase while playing matches in Mumbai and Chennai but as soon because the team reached Delhi and Ahmedabad, the corona virus cases increased rapidly. But this might not be through with IPL, you’d have stopped it for seven days then it might have ended. All the players would return to their home and then the method of quarantine would begin.

There is little chance of IPL resuming in India

Sourav Ganguly further said that there are different situations but it’s not always helpful to be intelligent after the incident. If the players didn’t have a corona, we would have continued and maybe even ended the IPL. All the players lived within the bio bubble and therefore the hotel wasn’t very crowded. You see the matches happening within the world, there are also Kovid positive but the match is going on. Not only this, Ganguly also said that there’s very less possibility of IPL happening again in India.


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