Karan Wahi News: Receives Hate Messages, Death Threats Over His Post on Naga Babas in Kumbh Mela Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Karan Wahi News: TV actor Karan Wahi is receiving hate messages and death threats after sharing a post on the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. The actor himself has given information about this. Karan Wahi said that he is receiving derogatory messages and threatening to kill him after posting social media about Naga sadhus at Kumbh Mela amid the Covid-19 epidemic. He has shared screenshots of messages received from users.

Karan Wahi News: Many Instagram users accused him of 'hurting Hindu sentiments
PIC- Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi News: Many Instagram users accused him of ‘hurting Hindu sentiments.

He wrote, ‘Is not the work from home culture for Naga Babas? Take water from the Ganges and take a bath. ‘Please tell that there is a corona explosion in the ongoing Mahakumbh in Uttarakhand. 102 pilgrims and 20 monks have been found corona infected here. Many religious organization heads refused to conduct the corona test at the fair.

Apart from Karan Wahi, actress Richa Chadha also targeted the Mahakumbh going on in Haridwar, showing bewilderment. Sharing a video, Richa has described this epidemic as an event. He wrote in his tweet, ‘The most spreading event.’

Richa ChadhaNews: Many Instagram users accused him of 'hurting Hindu sentiments
PIC- Richa Chadha

It has been told that one lakh devotees are standing on the banks of river Ganga on the occasion of royal bath and all these people are violating the rules of Corona virus epidemic. Social media users reacted fiercely to this tweet by Richa Chadha. Some are criticizing him,

while many have come out in support of her

A social media user wrote on Richa Chadha’s tweet, ‘If this was all in Ramadan, then you wouldn’t have dared to tweet it. ‘At the same time, another user wrote support of Richa Chadha,’ All these things should be stopped immediately without thinking. This needs to be understood by the government as well as the people. ‘


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