Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit, where Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina welcomed him and was given a Guard of Honor. Prime Minister Modi has arrived in Bangladesh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence. After reaching Bangladesh, according to his schedule, the Prime Minister first arrived at the Shaheed Memorial at Savar in Dhaka. There he planted a sapling. At the martyr’s memorial, PM Modi signed his message by writing a message in the visitors’ book.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Gandhi Peace Prize

On Friday evening, PM Modi participated as the chief guest at an event on Bangladesh’s National Day in Dhaka. PM Modi delivered the address from the National Parade Square. Here he awarded Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the Gandhi Peace Prize of the year 2020. Rehman’s younger daughter Sheikh Rehana received the award. The PM bowed down to the soldiers involved in the liberation war. He thanked Bangladesh for the invitation to the event and said that the relations between the two countries are strengthening.

Modi Thanks Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

He said, thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for inviting Bangladesh Day. Prime Minister Modi said that the challenges of India and Bangladesh are also shared and problems as well. India and Bangladesh face terror and both countries have the strength of democracy. During the Corona period, the two countries had a good rapport. He said that the Made in India vaccine Bangladesh is also being used to deal with the corona virus epidemic.

Modi said, I must have been 20-22 years old when I and many of my colleagues had done Satyagraha for the freedom of the people of Bangladesh. He said, I would like to remind one more proudly of my brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, the young generation here. Being involved in the struggle for the independence of Bangladesh was one of the first movements of my life.

PM Modi wearing ‘Mujib jacket’

During this time, Bangladesh’s father Sheikh came wearing a ‘Mujib jacket’ to pay tribute to Mujibur rahman. He said that this sorrow is a matter of pride for Indians that we had the opportunity to honor Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with the Gandhi Peace Prize.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit :BJP MP Shantanu Thakur said

On Prime Minister Modi’s visit, BJP MP Shantanu Thakur said that Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Orkandi is a good message. Here, Prime Minister Modi worshiped in the temples of Matua community and met people. It will recognize the Matua community in India and Bangladesh. Top leaders of both countries have a big role in taking the country forward.

Met the youth of Bangladesh

Prime Minister Modi met the youth in Dhaka after offering prayers at the temple of Matua community. Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi also met the Muktijodhas, the freedom fighters of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister praised PM Modi

On the visit of Prime Minister Modi, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Ek Abdul Momen said that we are achieving all our goals without a single bullet. The eastern border is secure for India, as India has strong ties with Bangladesh. He praised Prime Minister Modi and said that under the leadership of PM Modi, it helped in fighting the global disease like corona.

‘PM Modi won the heart of the people of Bangladesh’
He further said that PM Modi did what he said. He has won the heart and trust of the people of Bangladesh. India has given 20 million vaccine doses to Bangladesh, we would like to buy the vaccine even further.

Train plan from Jalpaiguri to Dhaka can get green signal

Apart from this, during this time, Prime Minister Modi can give a green signal to the direct train operation between Dhaka and Jalpaiguri. Read all the updates related to this train running between two countries …
Prime Minister Modi and Sheikh Hasina can give a green signal for a direct train from Jalpaiguri to Dhaka in West Bengal.
This will be the third passenger train after Bandhan Express and Maitri Express to run between the two neighboring countries.
This train will run twice a week and will have ten coaches. This will boost tourism between the two countries.
It will take nine hours to reach Dhaka from Siliguri.
After 55 years last year, the two countries resumed operations on the Haldibari-Chilhati route.
There are four other rally tracks between the two countries – Petrapole-Benapole, Gede-Darshan, Singhabad-Rohanpur and Radhikapur-Birol.
‘Bangabandhu-Bapu Museum to be inaugurated’
In the evening, Prime Minister Modi and Sheikh Hasina will jointly inaugurate the “Bangabandhu-Bapu Museum”. On Saturday, the second day of his visit, Prime Minister Modi will also visit the memorial of ‘Bangabandhu’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Tungipada in Gopalganj district. He will be the first distinguished Indian to visit that place.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bangladesh for a two-day visit

The Prime Minister also has a program to worship Goddess Kali at the ancient Jashoreswari Kali Temple, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of mythological tradition, and to interact with representatives of the Matua community in Orakandi. Saturday afternoon at Modi’s Prime Minister’s Office


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