Runaway Lugai Review: Web Series
Author: Abir Sengupta
Director: Avinash Das
Artists: Naveen Kasturia, Ruhi Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Jha etc.
OTT Player: MX Player
Rating: *


The MX player has returned to ‘runaway lugai’ from ‘Mastram’ to ‘Ram Yuga’. Director Avinash Das, who made the amazing film ‘Anarkali of Aara’, has also started to understand Mumbai. It seems that after earning the name, he is now in a position to earn the price. Abir Sengupta, who wrote and directed a film like ‘Indu Ki Jawani’, has tried to create a story on the backdrop of Bihar and the manner in which Avinash Das has cut the opening montage of the series, the more freedom if he can make the whole series. Had it been found, he could have filled some different colors in the story that he had seen. But, as the creative team of MX Player poured their ‘knowledge’ during the shooting of this series in Bihar, the series has also been swept away in a similar overflow.

In the country, someone of the age of Naveen Kasturia should become a straight judge. It is hard to be right now. Even in direct recruitment, at least a lawyer must have seven years of court experience. Abir Sengupta should understand the PCS (J) examination to be held in Bihar and the journey of the chair of the judge sitting in the District and Sessions Court. It is not easy to reach the judge’s chair and it is not a good thing to make such a ‘caricature’ of his character. The hero of the series is the judge of the court in which the lawyer tells his own female client, ‘You know, like Empty Vessel Max More Sound Like Lonely Wives Attract More Crowd!’ Apart from this, there cannot be any OTT.

10 episodes of the entire series have become overacting shop. It is as if the MX player has shot the entire series with Avinash Das’s disciples of ‘Anarkali of Aara’ and has given him the name. Sanjay Mishra does the same thing in every film these days, for which he has become famous, overacting. People are also liking him in that but Naveen Kasturia, who became Rajinikanth, should have been natural. Father Nambari, son hundred number. Such father-son dialogues are rarely held in any Sinha family in Bihar. Stories of ‘Hindi heartland’ are being sought a lot these days from writers in Mumbai and writers who have connections with officers of OTT are pasting anything in the name of ‘Hindi heartland’. The audience is suffering. Why is the name of the writer and director of the series missing due to the marketing of this series, it is understood only after watching the series.

In the web series ‘Runaway Lugai’, Judge Saheb’s Lugai runs away in the second episode. This Lugai means wife who takes photographs in the studio of Bhagalpur like Aramnagar Studio in Mumbai and sends it to her husband. Judge Saab’s father chats with his son’s daughter-in-law on WhatsApp in the middle of the night. His earnings on the education of his son are investments, whose returns he is earning by getting decisions in the son’s court according to his own. This roll could not be done with Naveen Kasturia. He has tried to become Rahul Bagga but the matter is not submitted. Ruhi Singh is a different galaxy of series. In an attempt to speak Bihari, she forgets her real tongue too. He also has competition from Sanjay Mishra and Naveen in overacting. Pankaj Jha has done well in the series. And, after that, all the small and big supporting actors of the series have tried to become as much as they can. Even the hostility of the old boyfriend and the surprise of the star entry in the climax does not save the series.

Technically, the web series ‘Runaway Lugai’ is very weak. Why the MX player, who showed ‘Ram Yuga’, did so in the budget of the runaway web series ‘Runaway Lugai’, only its producers can tell. Dhirendra Shukla has found a good location, but perhaps due to the minute quota of footage being fixed throughout the day, he has not been able to use much in the placement of the camera. Sandeep Kurup has also edited what he got. Nowhere in the series is the real skill of editing. The background music of the Kshitij stars seems to be glued separately and Rupa Chaurasia has not been able to give Bihari touch in terms of costumes to any of the characters in the series. The web series ‘Runaway Lugai’ is simply a story of Bhagalpur, that is neither the juice of Bihar nor Bhagalpur’s life.


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