Sagar News: Sushil wrestler has increased his difficulties, this maneuver are often run to avoid the police

Sagar News: Police haven’t been ready to find a clue even after six days of two-time Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, who is absconding during a row between two groups of wrestlers at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi. Sources say that after taking legal advice, Sushil may soon file an anticipatory bail plea within the case. Sushil is well aware that the police have sufficient evidence against him. Therefore Sushil is doing everything possible in his defense.

Sagar News: Sushil wrestler has increased his difficulties
Sushil Kumar

A senior officer investigating the case said that after the brawl at the Chhatrasal Stadium, the police team hoped that Sushil would be involved within the police interrogation. Had this happened, perhaps Sushil’s problems would have been less. But Sushil is increasing his difficulties by running. Police have recorded statements of injured Amit, Sonu, Ravindra and Bhagat Singh against Sushil. All have given statements against Sushil and therefore the remainder of his wrestlers. At a similar time, video footage from Prince Dalal’s mobile is also important evidence against Sushil. In such a situation, the screws against Sushil and his associates are getting tougher.

On the opposite hand, people close to Sushil say that Sushil is being intentionally implicated. Sushil’s fault is merely that Sushil’s fellow attackers are wrestlers.It is alleged that on Tuesday night, Sushil and his companions Sushil wrestled and brought with him a wrestler named Amit, Sonu and Sagan from a model town flat.The accused beat them fiercely within the parking lot of Chhatrasal Stadium. Sonu, Amit, Sagar, Ravindra and Bhagat Singh were injured during this . Sagar died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Sagar was the previous Junior National Champion.

He was ready for the Olympics. His father Ashok Kumar is a constable within the Delhi Police and is posted in Rohini district. Sushil’s name is absconding since he was involved within the crime.


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