Search of Covid Hospital will be done on Truecaller, you have to do all this work

Search of Covid Hospital will be done on Truecaller
Truecaller service

Truecaller has launched Covid Hospital Directory Service in India. With its help, users will be able to easily find Covid-19 Hospital and Health Center near them. Truecaller has just started this service for Android users. In this, addresses and telephone numbers of Covid-19 hospitals across the country will be found.

To use the Truecaller service, the app will need to be updated from the Google Play Store

In view of the increasing cases of corona infection in India, Truecallar has launched the Covid Hospital Directory. Indian users will get the information of telephone number and address of Covid Hospital through this directory. To use this service, you do not even need to download any separate app. Users can get information directly from the directory by going to the menu of the Truecallar app.

Regarding this new service, the truckler says that the Covid directory has given telephone numbers and addresses of Covid hospitals in many states across the country and the company has taken it from the government database.

According to the information received by Truecallar India, through this new service, you will easily get the information of the phone number and address of the Covid hospitals. We are working on this directory and soon the numbers of other Covid hospitals will also be added to it.

TrueColor India said that they will update it daily and ensure that the phone numbers of many hospitals are available from many areas of India. The company said that to use the service, users will need to update their Truecaller app from the Google Play Store.


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