This new feature of Google will give you a tour of the past, read full news to know

Google Earth Timelapse: When Google Earth (Google Earth) was launched almost two decades ago, it was nothing short of a miracle for users. Now the time-lapse feature has come on Google Earth. This allows you to go back to the past and see the old satellite image.

Google Earth Timelapse
Google Earth Timelapse Feature

Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai has announced the introduction of ‘Timelaps’ feature in Google Earth. This is the biggest update after 2017. Through this, any person will be able to see the change of planets of four decades. For this, Google has compiled 24 million satellite images for the past 37 years in an interactive, exploratory, 4D experience.

Google feature:

Pichai said, we have seen the fastest change in the environment during the last half century. This is the biggest change in human history than at any other time. The new timelaps feature in Google Earth compiled 24 million satellite images from the past 37 years as an interactive 4D experience.

Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth, Earth Engine and Outreach, said that from 2017, the biggest updates in Google Earth will allow people to see our planet in a completely new form. Timelaps are definitely a big step forward in Google Earth.


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