Twitter: Kangana angry over account suspension, said- I have more ways to speak

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended. Kangana, who is incredibly active on social media, has been accused of not following the rules of Twitter. The hashtag #KanganaRanaut is trending on Twitter after the account was deleted. Now Kangana has given her reaction to the present.

Twitter: Kangana angry over account suspension, said- I have more ways to speak
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana said during a statement, “Twitter has always proved that he is American by birth. He feels that a White is entitled to enslave an individual (black) living in India. they want to inform you what to think, speak and do. I even have many forums that I can use to raise my voice. ”

Actually, Kangana has been on the target of users for a previous couple of days and there’s a demand to suspend her account. it’s believed that this decision has been taken after many of his controversial tweets. Kangana wrote- ‘BJP won in Assam and Puducherry, but there was no news of any violence from there. TMC won the election in Bengal and there have been reports of many people dying, but people would say that Modiji may be a dictator and Mamata Banerjee may be a secular leader ‘.

Kangana is extremely active on Twitter and provides her statements on every issue. He has also been heavily criticized for conflicting rhetoric on variety of issues. Especially because she spoke more against the Maharashtra government. After this, several FIRs were also registered on Kangana.

In the past, Kangna has also trolled thanks to a tweet on oxygen. Kangana wrote, “Every person is fixing more and more oxygen plants in order that many plenty of oxygen cylinders are often made. How are we returning the oxygen we are currently forcing from the environment? we’ve learned nothing from our mistakes. we should always plant saplings on an outsized scale. ‘


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