Uttarakhand: Glacier broken in India-China border, 391 rescued, six killed, Chief Minister did aerial inspection

Uttarakhand: The glacier has broken into the Malari-Sumna road near the Border Roads Organization (BRO) camp in Sumna, the Indo-China (Tibet) border area adjoining Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This has been confirmed by Border Roads Organization (BRO) commander Colonel Manish Kapil.

 Uttarakhand: Hail like snow, Dhanaulti and Mussoorie turned completely white,

Uttarakhand: Hail like snow, Dhanaulti and Mussoorie turned completely white

Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat has said that Home Minister Amit Shah has taken immediate cognizance of the glacier break-up incident at Sumna in Niti Valley and assured of help as well as ordered the ITBP to be vigilant.

In April, the plaintiffs of Devbhoomi saw a beautiful white sheet of snow, returned cold, see in pictures

The Chief Minister arrived on Saturday morning to inspect the disaster-ridden area. The Chief Minister undertook an aerial inspection of the disaster-prone area. During this time it was told that there is a large amount of snow in the disaster-prone area. BRO is in the process of opening the road. The Chief Minister held a meeting with army officials.

After talking to army officials, Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat said that the army is engaged in relief work since Friday night in this disaster which came near the policy. The personnel of SDRF, NDRF, ITBP and the district administration team are also engaged on a war footing. According to information received from the army, so far 391 people have been rescued there. The bodies of six people have been recovered and four people have been injured.

Uttarakhand: Scientists expressed the possibility of snow avalanche

In Sumna, BRO workers were engaged in road construction work. Wireless TES is also not working in the border area due to excessive snowfall. Neeti Valley has been experiencing extreme snowfall for the last three days. The Joshimath-Malari highway ahead of Malari has also been covered with snow, disrupting the movement of Army and ITBP vehicles.

Dr. Kalachand Sai, director of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, says that the snowfall that has been taking place for the last three days has led to massive snow accumulation in the higher Himalayan regions, due to which there is every possibility of snow avalanche. Avalanches are most likely on hills that have very high slopes.

Uttarakhand: CM issued alert, instructions to stop work in projects at night

CM Tirath Singh Rawat has issued an immediate alert after taking cognizance of the incident. He informed on social media that he is in constant touch with the BRO and the district administration.

He said that the officers have been instructed to inform and inform about the incident at the earliest. Also, orders have been ordered to ban night work in NTPC and other projects, so that no untoward incident occurs.
The work of removing snow from the faith path of Hemkund Sahib was also completely affected.
Let us tell you that due to continuous rains and snowfall for the last several days, Chamoli district has started getting cold. Four feet of fresh snow has accumulated in Badrinath Dham and about five feet in Hemkund Sahib.

The work of removing snow from the faith path of Hemkund Sahib has also been completely affected. People are facing huge problems in settling wedding ceremonies. The rain and snowfall continues in the district since Wednesday. On Friday, there has been rain and snow since morning.

Badrinath Dham received heavy snowfall. Where the sight is running in the Dham, the snow is seen only. Border Roads Organization (BRO) has also started snow removal work from Badrinath Highway.

Members of the Nagar Panchayat and Devasthanam board arriving at Badrinath Dham are also unable to cleanliness and other travel arrangements in the Dham. Employees are also languishing in their rooms due to the harsh cold in the Dham.

At the same time, Hemkund Sahib region is also experiencing heavy snowfall. Ghangharia, the main stop of the yatra, has also been frozen by about two feet. Sardar Sewa Singh, chief manager of Hemkund Sahib Management Trust, said that the snowfall has affected travel preparations.

Wherever the path was removed on the faith path, a thick sheet of ice has been laid again. As soon as the weather is normal, the work of opening the path will be started again.


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