World Book Day 2021: Know some special things and the story of its date

World Book Day 2021: On the occasion of World Book Day, UNESCO has underlined the importance of books in the Corona era. There is also an interesting story of the dates of this day.

World Book Day 2021: Know some special things and the story of its date
World Book Day

This year, on World Book Day, the coronavirus is possessed. While there are no conditions to collectively celebrate World Book Day in India, there is also a chance to celebrate this day properly. The purpose of celebrating this day is to develop interest and awareness among people about books. In this context, in the country where people are locked in their homes, they can celebrate this day by reading some of their favorite books. This year, UNESCO has also highlighted the growing demand for books in the Corona era.

World Book Day 2021: Date story

World Book Day is actually the popular name of World Book and Copyright Day. It was first celebrated by Unesco on 22 April 1995. But it is celebrated every year on 23 April. The funny thing is that a similar day is celebrated in the UK and Ireland in the month of March, due to which many people get confused about its exact date.

World Book Day 2021: Date of death of two authors

The original idea of ​​the day was given by Spanish writer Vicente Clavel Andrés in honor of Miguel de Cervantes to celebrate his birthday on 7 October and then his death on 23 April. In 1995, UNESCO dated it to 23 April, which is also the death anniversary of William Shakespeare along with the Serventes. Both authors died on the same date, but these days were different. The reason for this was that while the Grigorian calendar was used in Spain, the Julian calendar in England.

World Book Day 2021: Different dates too

The date of this day has also changed in different countries. In Spain, where it was celebrated on 7 October until 1930 and from then on 23 April. This day is also celebrated in Sweden on this day, but it was changed in the year 2000 and 2011. In the UK and Ireland, it is celebrated on the first Thursday of March, with the charity being the chief.

World Book Day 2021: Books read twice in many countries

On its website, UNESCO has stated the importance of books during the lockdown in the Corona era. According to Unesco, during this period, the number of books read in many countries had doubled. Unesco says that in the month of April, education becomes very important for people and their children.

Bookface Challenge

Unesco has created a bookface challenge this year. The photo of the winner of this challenge will be included on the Unesco webpage. According to the official statement of Unesco, the cover of books plays a very important role in buying them. We are very decisive about their home page. This year, the epidemic has told us the importance of books and reading.

Unesco was invited to participate in this challenge on World Book Day this year to show students, teachers, readers, as well as the book industry and library services, a passion for reading. Apart from this, Unesco has also provided a free communication toolkit for the people.


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