World Youth Boxing Championships: ‘Golden’ boxer daughters-Grandma and, aunt died but no one went home

World Youth Boxing Championships: Someone’s grandmother went to heaven, some aunt died, a woman coach was married for some time, but she could not go to her in-laws’ house. The parents were eager to meet their daughters, but no one went home to prepare for the gold in the World Youth Boxing Championships. The austerities of the daughters finally paid off. The girls, who have been making preparations at the National Center of Excellence Rohtak since October, will now be destined to go home with gold medals.

World Youth Boxing Championships
Vinka after winning gold with coach Bhaskar

World Youth Boxing Championships: Daughters will meet parents with gold

Bhaskar Bhatt of Pithoragarh, the chief coach of the team present in Poland, has no place to cheer. Bhaskar reveals that the championship preparations were put into the Camp Bio Secure bubble after the lockdown. No boxer or support staff or coach was allowed to go home. Risk could not be taken due to Corona. Trouble arose when the grandmother of Panipat, who won a gold medal in 60 kg, died in January of Vinka.

Vinka was very close to her grandmother

Vinka was very fond of her grandmother. She considered him her inspiration, but Vinka decided not to go home to bring the gold to this championship. She began to practice grandmother’s memories. His sacrifice finally paid off. According to Bhaskar, the same happened to coach Sundar Singh. Meanwhile, his aunt died. Conditions were such that he needed to leave, but he did not leave for the team.

I told my parents if you want gold, then stay here

According to Bhaskar, all the daughters are under 20 years of age. It is not easy to live six months away from home at this age. When the parents expressed their desire to meet, they were told that if they want gold for the World Championship, then leave them here. When the daughters remembered the house, they would be made to talk to them through video calls, but they were not allowed to come to the camp. Coach Praveen Kalkal has been married for some time. Her mother-in-law is in nearby Bhiwani, she too did not go there. Bhaskar reveals that now daughters and support staff will go to their homes with medals and gauravas.


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